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Roles: Producer, VFX, Concept, Technical Artist

Platform: Android, iOS

Lika is an atmospheric mobile puzzle game about blowing leaves. Restore color to the four seasons as you guide a swarm of leaves through a magical forest full of puzzles, traps and animal friends. With each new leaf you collect, a little bit of color returns to the environment.


As producer and art lead for this project, I interfaced among artists, programmers and designers on the team to ensure we stayed on track with our theme and gameplay goals, remained on schedule, and achieved a consistent aesthetic. I also programmed the screen space effects for changing the color of the environment, created most of the particle effects, and handled art optimizations for the game.


Team leadership, art direction and concept

  • As producer, I managed deadlines, gave regular progress reports, and facilitated communication among team members of different disciplines.


  • Led planning for the game's theme and aesthetic. Created concept art and color palettes for the seasons and props.

  • Developed a modelling and texturing workflow to address limitations of our art team.

  • Worked with the programming team to integrate art assets and meet frame rate goals.

Spring Prop Color Concepts - Promo.png
Lika Screenshot (1).png

Color change and particle effects

  • Implemented the environmental color change using a screen space shader written in Cg and supporting C# scripts.


  • Created most of the particle effects for the game, such as the sparkles, wind, breaking ice and leaf effects.

  • Implemented the swirling cluster of leaves with variable size and physics driven movement.

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