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Island Saver

Roles: Environment, Technical Artist, Optimizations

Platform: Android, iOS

Island Saver is a tropical endless runner with an educational twist. Venture into the jungle to rescue a cast of quirky monsters from an erupting volcano, collecting treasure along the way. Save your treasure or spend it on colorful accessories for your island home.


Developed in 2018-19 by the MSU Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab to teach children good financial habits, Island Saver is the latest mobile game in a series of educational games created by the lab in partnership with the MSU Federal Credit Union. I was a member of this project from initial brainstorming to release, performing a wide variety of tasks. Over the course of development I worked on color balancing and post-processing, the day-night cycle, tools programming, environment art and textures, and designs for character skins.


Technical art

  • Implemented the day-night cycle using a combination of C# scripts, post-processing, and color adjustment layers.

  • Developed a tool with the team's technical animator to copy keyed animations from one rig to another in Maya.

  • Monitored performance and applied art optimizations to increase frame rate and reduce the app's storage footprint on mobile devices.

Island Character Skin.png
Island Boat and Concept - Promo.png

Environment art and texturing

  • Balanced colors in the environment to achieve a vibrant aesthetic without overwhelming the player.

  • Designed, modeled and textured the boat and beach shack.

  • Textured miscellaneous environment elements, such as the sand castle, foliage and ground.

  • Designed all of the unlockable character skins and textured character accessories.

Shop Concept - Promo.png
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