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LAM Screenshot_edited.png

LAM Desktop Portal

Windows Application

The Learn-About-Machinery Desktop Portal is a windows application created for Union Pacific as part of a university capstone project. It serves to educate employees about railroad machinery too large to be studied in person. The portal processes imported CAD files and transfers them via network to the accompanying Learn-About-Machinery HoloLens application to be viewed in AR.

This application allows users to select groups of key parts to highlight, and assign them names and descriptions to be viewed by trainees in the HoloLens.

The LAM Desktop Portal was developed in Unity and C#. The PiXYZ plugin for Unity is used to import CAD files into the application and navigate the 3D display viewport. My contributions to the project included all other aspects of the portal except the network transfer functionality.

LAM HoloLens Screenshot.png

Resulting View in the HoloLens

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