I'm a technical artist with a passion for optimization and impactful visuals, always looking for a new challenge.




Scarf Cats

Windows, Mac

Art Lead, Lighting, Technical Artist

Team up with a friend in this colorful and relaxing cooperative adventure game about two cats bound together by a scarf.

My contributions to the project include the art direction and concept art, character art and rigs,  lighting, post-processing, optimizations, and some visual effects. As art lead I also managed deadlines, ensured visual consistency, and gave regular progress reports.


Android, iOS

Producer, VFX, Concept, Technical Artist

Restore color to the four seasons in this atmospheric mobile puzzle game, as you blow leaves through a magical forest full of puzzles, traps and animal friends.

As producer and art lead, I interfaced among artists, programmers and designers on the project and developed an efficient art workflow tailored to our team. I also contributed the color changing effect and various particle effects.



I am a technical artist with 3+ years of professional experience in art for games and media and 5 shipped titles. Currently I work at Great Lakes Reality Labs, focusing on VFX, shaders and optimizations. I graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2020 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Game Design and Development.

Though my CS degree provides an in-depth programming background, my primary focus and passion is in 3D art for games and animation. I have a broad range of professional and personal experience with most aspects of the art production pipeline, from concept art to finished 3D and 2D assets, as well as tools and graphics programming. This enables me to support the technical needs of the art team while interfacing with programmers to achieve the desired aesthetic of each project without compromising performance.

Relevant skills include professional experience with Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Photoshop and Substance Painter, a working knowledge of C++, C# and Python, and minor experience in Direct3D 12, OpenGL and Cg. Contributions to previous projects include lighting, rigging, VFX, shaders, optimizations, general asset production, concept design and art direction.






Island Saver

Android, iOS

Environment, Tech Artist, Optimizations

Venture into the jungle to rescue a cast of colorful monsters from an erupting volcano, collecting treasure along the way. Financial literacy meets island fun in this sunny endless runner!

My contributions to this project include color balancing, post-processing, art optimizations, environment textures, the day-night cycle, and designs for the unlockable character skins.


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